Mausuni Island

Many individuals are concerned about where they can go on weekends near Kolkata. Bakkhali, on the other hand, attracts a large number of visitors. I believe that if you don’t enjoy Mausuni Island after visiting there for one day, you will conclude that it must be good. What is the location of Mausuni Island? listen – 
Mausuni is one of the hundreds of beautiful islands in the Sundarbans in the southern 24 parganas, separated by the Chennai River.
Bay of Bengal and Jambu Island in the south, Sagar Island in the west and Bakkhali, Henry Island in the east. The name of this beautiful island is also very sweet.
It is important to book the tent in advance, then it is convenient to have a meal package at the same time.
This backwater camp’s food is excellent. It tastes just like home-cooked cuisine. On hot days, there is a difficulty with cold water. There are now a couple more resorts can choose. Perhaps there are better options available. However, when better services are supplied, there is a chance that the rural odour will remain.
# How to go though once said:
Reach Namkhana by bus or train.
Cross the Hatania Doania river by boat (10minutes ride).
Take Magic van (every 15mins service) or book a TOTO and reach Bagdanga kheya ghat (30mins ride).
Cross the river and reach Bagdanga by boat (20 mins ride)
From Bagdanga the motor van will pick you up and take you to Baliara (20 mins ride).
# You can contact us for booking
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# What can the cost be?
Small tent 1000, big tent 1200. (Including 2 mills, tiffin, tea etc.) l A tent can accommodate 2 people. Large tents can accommodate 4 people. Now I can’t say what the price will be. l The cost can be reduced if more people go l

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