Gorgeous palaces and zamindar mansions near Santiniketan

For every Bengali, Santiniketan is the closest place. By Santiniketan, we mean Visva-Bharati, Sonajhuri, Khowai, Kopai Nadi, Baul Gaan, and other such institutions. Beyond that, there are several stunningly gorgeous areas near Bolpur that many of us are unaware of. Several gorgeous palaces and zamindar mansions that are close to Santiniketan but that few people know about.
Rajbari of Hetampur will be ranked first. Many people have probably seen the Feluda series film “Gonsaipur Sargaram.” This palace was used for the filming of that film. Rajbari has now been converted into a B.ED. institution, but its beauty has not been compromised.
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The Raipur Rajbari will be ranked second. This now-decrepit palace served as the setting for the film ” যেখানে ভূতের ভয় “. Visiting this palace is quite terrifying.
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At number three is the zamindar bari in Surul. The Bengali movie “বাঁশিওয়ালা” was shot in this Zamindar house, this Zamindar house is worth seeing. To the right of the house are the 500-year-old Deul Shiva Temple, the Terracotta Vishnu Temple, and the Durga Building.
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