The story of a lonely sea beach

This dear mind wanted to be freed from the world of busyness, hustle and bustle and traffic jams. Where the light of the full moon will shine on the sea, roar from afar and call to him with an unmistakable attraction, sea view from the balcony of the hotel at all, but instead there will be an unmistakable pull that will wake up the sweet sleep of the morning. Near the crimson sunset in the lap, all fatigue will be easily forgotten.
Lonely Virgin Beach, named after its very strange Baguran Jolpai Beach.
Boguran Jolpai Beach is a secluded beach in East Midnapore district. Crossing Contai, there is a high road of red moram, greenery on both sides, and a narrow road on the way to Boguran.
Nearby are Junput, Bakiput and Haripur beaches
How To Reach
If you are coming by car, you should take the road to Chandpur which comes before Shankarpur. Digha is very well connected by both state and private bus routes. It takes about five hours to reach Digha. From there you can rent a vehicle to Baguran Jalpai. There are several trains that travel daily to Digha. So if you are using a train, get off at Digha station and rent a car / trekker to Chandpur.

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