Four Mouthwatering Pithe Recipes: You Must Try


One of the most well-known pithe, patishapta is essentially a thin sooji and rice flour crepe filled with a delectable caramelized sauce prepared with grated coconut and jaggery. If you can’t get coconut or jaggery, you can alternatively use khoya and sugar in their place.

Dudh Puli:

Puli is essentially steamed sweet meat with jaggery and coconut stuffing that is coated in rice flour. Steamed puli can be eaten either plain or dunked in thickened sweet milk to make dudh puli. In certain ways, puli resembles modak or gujiya. While some individuals sweeten the milk and filling with sugar, the original dudh puli recipe calls for raw jaggery.

Gokul Pithe:

This pithe is fried and covered in sugar syrup as opposed to the steamed puli. It also included a filling made of jaggery and coconut, and every mouthful of its smooth texture melts on the tongue.

Chakli Pithe:

Has anyone tried appam? Chakli Pithe Simply put, chakli pithe is the Bengali equivalent. Chakli pithe melts quickly in your mouth. This extremely thin crepe is eaten hot with jaggery syrup. You can also find soru chakli, a thin and little variation of this pithe. Kheer is typically consumed with soru chakli